Robert Mousey Thompson

Globally respected soul great Robert Mousey Thompson’s smooth, flowing grooves seem almost effortless. A featured Vic Firth Artist, we’re thrilled to say that Hiptrix is his official effect drumstick of choice. That’s quite the honor for us, as Mousey, of course, is best known for his work as drummer for the original master showman, the late "Godfather of Soul", James Brown. With James Brown’s Soul Generals, Thompson has circled the globe countless times, performing for millions upon millions of die-hard fans.

Mousey has just about done it all. He was drummer for the late, great Wilson Pickett, has performed on most every hit variety and talk show of the last couple decades, and has performed on the grandest of all stages, including Woodstock 99, Live 8, and the American Music Awards. He can also be heard on tracks by groups like The Black Eyed Peas, in blockbuster movies, and on various major record labels, including his A&M solo release Give It A Try. Mousey is based out of the Washington DC area, where he contributes to private educational programs, continues to perform with bands like The Soul Generals in honor of the legendary Godfather, and has recently completed a number of collaborations with artists ranging from Bootsy Collins to Jab’o Starks and Clyde Stubblefield.